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Iana Dance Club Playlist:
Sharing My Favorite Songs With You

Finding music that inspires you is such an important element of your dance journey. That's why I'm happy to share a collection of 200+ belly dance and other songs that I truly enjoy listenning to!

What's your relationship with inspiration? Do you find yourself squeezing it out during every practice session, expecting it to arrive at a specific time with a specific idea? Or do you allow it to flow effortlessly and spontaneously, striking you whenever it pleases?

Since inspiration is a flow, let's create the time and space for it to manifest.

Think about time spots when you can simply plug in your headsets and play some music during your day. Perhaps while cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, or working on costumes – not with the expectation of performing or choreographing in your mind, but purely for the joy of listening to the music.


Allow your mind and body to unwind, and I bet you'll catch yourself swaying your hips. That's the moment we're aiming for: a simple, pure, free-flowing joy of music without worrying about perfect technique or a variety of movements. Just a reminder that you genuinely enjoy dancing around. How cool is that?

By the way, if you have trouble finding new cool tunes to listen to, I've curated my own Spotify playlist with over 200 songs for your dance inspirations. You can find it under Iana Dance (playlist) on Spotify (click the button), or listen it directly on this webpage.


Once you subscribe to my Spotify playlist, feel free to share it on your stories and tag me. Let's spread the joy of dancing together!

This playlist is provided by the Iana Dance Club.

The Iana Dance Club is an online platform dedicated to helping you navigate your dance life, offering 300􏰟􏰚􏰚+ video tutorials in the format of 􏰗􏰚20-min technique drills, choreography breakdowns, 􏰟3 to 􏰙􏰚10-week intensives, and in-depth full-length courses. You can find all details HERE.


But don't worry, you don't need to be a member of the Iana Dance Club to take the Belly Dance Habits Quiz above. This is just our gift to all belly dance lovers to help them enhance their practice. Enjoy, and take benefit from this awesome tool!

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Keep Shimming To Your Fav Tunes!

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The Iana Dance Club was created to help you navigate your dance life. Whether you are a dance enthusiast or dream about a professional career, you will find a training program to help you achieve your goals and nurture your dance soul.

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