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Belly Dance Habits Quiz

Improve your belly dance habits!

Discover what is blocking your dance progress right now, and which exact dance habits you should improve first of all.

“I want to improve my dancing” IS NOT A GOAL. It simply indicates a lack of clarity. 


What exactly do you need to improve in your actions and habits in order to have better dance results? Is it adding consistency into your practice? Is it changing the way you work on your mistakes, and polish your technique? Or maybe it’s exploring your creativity and the dance world beyond a studio?


You most likely feel overwhelmed thinking that you need to improve so many different things at once! Yes, indeed, there is always space for improvements in each area of our dance life. However, you most definitely have that one area that drags you down the most. If you address that area, it will unlock so much of your potential, and will help you reach the results you want way faster.

Dancer Iana Komarnytska in training outfit

Narrowing your focus to fixing your main blocking issue is a path to success.

Now it’s time to identify what YOUR main blocks are, and how you can address them with new dance habits! And instead of guessing what you should focus on, you can simply TAKE A QUIZ that I have designed to identify the next steps to improve your practice!!!


It’s TOTALLY FREE, fun, easy and takes only 10 minutes.

You will receive:

  • 5-10 actionable steps to improve your dance habits

  • Book recommendation to help unlock your mindset

  • Related podcast episodes so you can listen to tips from different dancers

  • Suggested articles to help you navigate new habits


All these suggestions are going to be personalized according to your main area of struggles.

This quiz is sponsored by the Iana Dance Club.

The Iana Dance Club is an online platform dedicated to helping you navigate your dance life, offering 300􏰟􏰚􏰚+ video tutorials in the format of 􏰗􏰚20-min technique drills, choreography breakdowns, 􏰟3 to 􏰙􏰚10-week intensives, and in-depth full-length courses. You can find all details HERE.


But don't worry, you don't need to be a member of the Iana Dance Club to take the Belly Dance Habits Quiz above. This is just our gift to all belly dance lovers to help them enhance their practice. Enjoy, and take benefit from this awesome tool!

Logo of the Iana Dance Club

Looking Forward To Seeing Your Dance Success! :)

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