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Music Corner

Explore Arabic music in fun lectures created especially for belly dancers.

Introduction to the Music Corner

Introduction to the Music Corner

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Welcome to the Music Corner of the Iana Dance Club! Join drummer Pedro Bonatto on an exploration of Middle Eastern music from the perspective of a musician sharing tools and ideas with dancers in mind.


Here you will find rhythm quizzes, song breakdowns, information on Arabic instruments and music theory, and the basics of playing darbuka and Arabic drums.

Use the chat button to send your questions, and Pedro will address them on the classes :)

Get immediate access our growing library of Arabic music tutorials for dancers!



Start your journey at the Iana Dance Club with unlimited belly dance classes.

Along with music lectures, the Iana Dance Club offers fun Intensives, engaging Technique Drills, Choreographies, full-length Courses, and a vibrant community of dancers to help you on your belly dance journey. Check bellow all our features.

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