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Cairo Belly Dance Guide

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Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced. Workload: Medium. Suggested duration: 7 weeks. If you follow our suggested duration of seven weeks, get ready to invest 1-2 hour per week in your training. But remember, you can always go through this intensive at your own pace. Seven weeks is just a suggested structure. Cairo is the heart of the belly dance world, and as dancers we constantly look on what’s happening here. We often dream to visit this city because we know that learning dance is not just about the movements, but also about immersing yourself into the culture and environment. The first part of this intensive is all about practical belly dance classes. We’’ll work on better understanding of Egyptian style, nuanced hips technique, intricate patterns of steps, and much more. Some tutorials will show you a wide range of types of classes that you can attend here in Cairo, and there will be a whole section of classes related to dancing to live music. In fact, our final class will be accompanied by one of the top live bands in Cairo, specialized in playing for belly dancers, which will also give you great insights in performing at festivals. The second part is a series of lectures on different topics to take you on a journey around belly dance in Cairo. Some of the lectures will be directly supportive to the practical dance classes, giving you more understanding on what we are doing, and other lectures will be about your travel experience in Cairo.

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