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Baladi Choreography

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This intensive is a 10-week program focused on a full choreography to a song "Balady Souher Zaki". Along with a step-by-step guidance for your learning process, you will receive information about the history and nature of Baladi style. Diving into such topic can be a great opportunity to train your acting skills, loosen up your hips, and get deeper into the history and cultural background of the style. In addition, we are gonna work on very nuanced musicality which will provide you ideas for your own creative projects. There are five parts of the choreo. Every few weeks you receive a breakdown of a new part, in addition to a list of technique drills to polish related technique, and Iana's notes about most common mistakes/tricky parts of the choreography. By the end of this intensive you will have a ready-to-perform choreography, as well as much better technique of fluid and juicy hips. Theory lectures include: - History and meaning of Baladi and Baladi Awadi - Structure of Baladi progression - Baladi Archetypes and how to create a Baladi personality on stage - Tips for costumes - Nuances of dancing to live Baladi music Difficulty: All Levels. Workload: High. Suggested duration: 10 weeks. If you follow our suggested duration of ten weeks, get ready to invest 2-3 hours per week in your training. But remember, you can go through this intensive at your own pace. Eight weeks is just a suggested structure.

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