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Golden Era Style

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Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced. Workload: Light. Suggested duration: 2 weeks. If you follow our suggested duration of two weeks, get ready to invest about 1 hour per week in your training. But remember, you can always go through this intensive on your own paste. Two weeks is just a suggested structure. GUEST TEACHER Julia Farid will help you explore various nuances of the Golden Era style! The Golden Era, or the Golden Age of belly dance refers to the period of 1900s-1960s, a time with numerous Egyptian movies featuring famous dancers of that age. Samia Gamal, Tahia Carioca and Naema Akef are just a few names that all belly dancers must know! Golden Era style is a celebration of femininity, elegance and grace: different posture, nuanced hip work, intricate arms, and complete charm of joy and pleasure. In this intensive you will feel yourself as the star of an old Egyptian movie! This intensive consists of: 1. Short 5-min introductory lecture with a list of videos to review. 2. 30-min dance tutorial explaining the basics of the Golden Era style 3. Two 25-min dance tutorials with combinations in the Golden Era style.

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