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Egyptian Knee Shimmy

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Difficulty: All levels. Workload: Medium. Suggested duration: 3 weeks. If you follow our suggested duration of three weeks, get ready to invest 1-1,5 hour per week in your training. But remember, you can always go through this intensive at your own pace. Three weeks is just a suggested structure. It's time to address one of the trickiest types of shimmy. Why trickiest? Because our body often gets tensed during this movement, but the secret of a spectacular Egyptian knee shimmy is actually to keep it relaxed. And that's gonna be the focus of our work: avoiding any tension while improving our knee shimmy. This intensive consists of two major parts: 1. Short daily exercises for your legs (a few minutes daily) 2. Three 20-min dance tutorials per week with combos and drills to work on your knee shimmy. Week 1:⁣⁣ - 15-min introductory lecture. - Document your current state of shimmy by recording a 20-sec video of you doing the basic knee shimmy. - Introducing your daily 1-min exercise. - 20-min dance tutorial: Concept of Knee Shimmy. In this video, we are gonna dive deep into the concept of Egyptian loose knee shimmy. The main focus is keep our body relaxed during this movement. - 20-min dance tutorial: Overview of Shimmy Types. Let's review the theory of basic shimmies, as well as give a nice stretch to our hips. - 20-min dance tutorial: Intense Shimmy Workout. Deep breath, and full energy to dive in the practice! Week 2...

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