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Business Course For Belly Dancers: Everything About Gigs

Business Course For Belly Dancers: Everything About Gigs

Sharing all trade secrets & tools to help you become a successful solo performer in a non-Arabic country!

37 hours | 111 classes

Learn how to transform your passion for dance into a profitable career! My name is Iana Komarnytska, and in this course I share all insights into my experience of being a full-time belly dance performer with over 200 shows per year for both Arabic and non-Arabic audiences, all without an agent or a manager, and without moving to the Middle East.

By the end of the course you will know all ins and outs of being a successful belly dance performer (where to get clients, how to promote your services, how much to charge, how to put together a great program so that people will want to hire you again). You will be able to apply your new tools right away, while you are still going through the course. I share not only theory on how it supposed to be, but real examples of what I’ve used in my practice (contracts, template answers, business card designs, and much more).

This course is for dancers who want to start dancing professionally and get paid for their performances. Whether you want to perform part-time or full-time, this course will help you build a solo dance career focusing on local gigs (weddings, restaurants, corporate events, etc)⁣. You will learn how to be your own manager, promoter, director, graphic designer, and all other roles related to the business⁣⁣ side of belly dance.

So if you are interested in the business side of belly dance, go ahead, check the free previews, enroll in the course, and start building your professional dance life today!

Get instant access to all courses at the Iana Dance Club and practice anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. As a member, you also have access to Technique Drills, Choreographies, Intensives and join a world-wide community of dancers.

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I created this course to gather all my knowledge about various aspects of belly dance gigs, sharing all tips and trade secrets from my own experience of being a full-time solo performer. The result is a complete business guide for belly dancers, with over 100 video lectures, in more than 30 hours of content with a step-by-step guide to unleash your belly dance performance career.

The course consists of eight major sections:

  1. Understanding the Nature of This Profession/ Nuances of Working in a non-Arabic Country⁣⁣⠀

  2. Basic Portfolio and How to Put Your Offer⁣⁣ Together⠀

  3. Advanced Promotional Tools & Reaching Potential Clients⁣⁣⠀

  4. Communication with Clients & Closing the Deal⁣⁣⠀

  5. Getting Ready for the Show⁣⁣⠀

  6. On the Day of Performance & Troubleshooting Scenarios⁣⁣⠀

  7. After-Show Must DOs⁣⁣⠀

  8. Scaling Up the Business & Taking Care of Your Career and Well-Being in the Long Term⁣⁣⠀


  • How to transition from belly dance as a hobby to dance as a paid professional activity

  • How to start performing solo at restaurants and other local events (wedding, birthday, and corporate celebrations)

  • How to promote your solo belly dance shows in a non-Arabic country

  • How to avoid mistakes in communication with potential clients, close the deal, explain prices and address clients objections

  • How to put together your booking contract, website, social media promotion, business cards and other promotional tools

  • How to structure a 20-minute nonstop solo program and edit your music

  • How to get ready for the show

  • How to solve the most common trouble situations on the day of your performance

  • How to transform a one-time client into your loyal regular customer and promoter

  • How to build a long-lasting dance career

Iana is authentic and I am reflecting on a tip someone told me about professionals... those that are truly successful will share their most important information as they feel secure and confident in their career; you are not a threat to them, you are an asset. That is my impression of Iana as far as being a teacher so far.


5 star review from member of the club
Iana Komarnytska

Meet your instructor

Iana Komarnytska

Iana Komarnytska is an award-winning dancer and choreographer, specializing in Middle Eastern and Central Asian dance styles. Her multiple awards include Cairo by Cyprus 2015, Star Bellydancer Canada 2014, Spark Dance Competition (Canada, 2012); Belly Dance Championship Bastet (Ukraine, 2009), and many others. Over the last few years Iana has taught and performed in dozens of countries including Germany, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Ukraine, USA, Cyprus, Hungary and others. Iana is a graduate from professional dance program of York University, as well as the first dancer and choreographer who started using Triple Isis wings, and since 2012 it is one of her style signatures. She is the author and producer of several training video courses, host of the Belly Dance Life Podcast, lead dancer of the Blue Dot Ensemble, and an active blogger and participant of the international belly dance community.

Finding the Iana Dance Club has been an absolute blessing! Before joining the club I was feeling stuck and unsure where to go next with my dance. Now I have direction, motivation and so much valuable material to work with. I would recommend Iana dance Club to anyone wanting to improve their dance. Having Iana work with me one on one though the VIP membership has brought attention and detailed guidance to areas in my dance that I can really improve and change. Iana has amazing experience and knowledge in belly dance and folkloric styles which shines through in her challenging, fun and motivating teaching style.

Erica Roadknight

5 star review from member of the Iana Dance Club

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