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The Art of Belly Dance Choreography


The Art of Belly Dance Choreography





Suggested Duration:

1 week

Iana Komarnytska and Dr. George Sawa

Iana Komarnytska and Dr. George Sawa

Iana together with a guest
Dr. George Sawa explore the structure of Muwashahat song!

Intensives are guided training programs with a specific theme. Each intensive combines a selection of technique drills, lectures and various assignments to help you develop certain skills. 

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Iana and guest musician and historian Dr. George Sawa explore the art of belly dance choreography on the example of a dance piece to the song Lamma Bada Yatathanna.

The intensive consists of a mini-lecture on the history and meaning of "Lamma Bada Yatathana" song, teaching choreography with explanations of Iana’s choreographic choices, and demonstration of the choreography.

You will need a veil for this intensive.

Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced

Workload: Light

Suggested duration: 1 week

If you follow our suggested duration of one weeks, get ready to invest about 40 minutes in exploring the content, plus additional time to polish the choreography. But remember, you can always go through this intensive at your own pace. One weeks is just a suggested structure.

This intensive consists of:

  • 10-min lecture on the structure of the "Lamma Bada Yatathanna" song.

  • 30-min breakdown of the choreography.

All materials are gathered in one 40-min video.


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