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Finding Groundedness


Finding Groundedness


All levels.



Suggested Duration:

3 weeks

Iana Komarnytska

Iana Komarnytska

Groundedness is an important concept in belly dance. But what does it mean, and how to achieve it? Let's work on it!

Intensives are guided training programs with a specific theme. Each intensive combines a selection of technique drills, lectures and various assignments to help you develop certain skills. 

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Each week of this intensive you will find two 20-min technique drills: the first one explores the concept of groundedness, and the second applies your new body awareness into your dance skills. We also suggest repeating a 20-min dance meditation on a weekly basis throughout this intensive.

Difficulty: All levels

Workload: Medium

Suggested duration: 3 weeks

If you follow our suggested duration of three weeks, get ready to invest about 1-1,5 hour per week in your training. But remember, you can always go through this intensive at your own pace. Three weeks is just a suggested structure.

Week 1:⁣⁣

- 10-min introductory lecture

- 20-min dance tutorial: Connection to The Floor. Do you know that you are in a constant relationship? Yep, regardless of your marital status. :) You, as a belly dancer, are in a nonstop relationship with the floor, so let's explore this love affair.

- 20-min dance meditation

- 20-min dance tutorial: Feeling Grounded. Work on balance and groundedness, nice juicy hips stretch and vibration shimmy!

Week 2:⁣⁣

- 10-min lecture: Where does roundedness come from in your body

- 20-min dance tutorial: Moving From Your Hips. What is the manifestation of groundedness inside your own body? Let's focus on hips as the initiation of our movements.

- 20-min dance meditation

- 20-min dance tutorial: Juicy Hips. Apply your new body awareness in this drill. Get into a fun shaabi mood, and let's focus on juicy hip work: circles, figure eights, layered shimmies and more!


Week 3:⁣⁣

- 5-min lecture: Dive deeper

- 20-min dance tutorial: Movement Initiation. Let's keep exploring the concept of moving from your hips, and then embody this concept in a traveling step, so called, Dina walk.

- 20-min dance meditation

- 20-min dance tutorial: Fluid Transitions. Apply your new body awareness in this drill. Playing around with different hip circles, and other similar fluid movements! You are about to learn an intricate combo based on grounded accents and various transitions.

- 10-min summary lecture


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