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Drum Solo Improvisation


Drum Solo Improvisation


All levels.



Suggested Duration:

6 weeks

Iana Komarnytska and Pedro Bonatto

Iana Komarnytska and Pedro Bonatto

Scared of drum solo improvisations? I guarantee your approach will change after this intensive.

Intensives are guided training programs with a specific theme. Each intensive combines a selection of technique drills, lectures and various assignments to help you develop certain skills. 

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Master your drum solo improvisation!

In this program we will: 

- work on your mindset and fear of improvisation⁣, 

- breakdown the structure of a drum solo, and take a detailed look at each part⁣⁣, 

- have lots of practice, theory and assignments!⁣⁣

Difficulty: All levels. 

Workload: Light. 

Suggested duration: 6 weeks.  

If you follow our suggested duration of six weeks, get ready to invest about an hour per week in your training. But remember, you can always go through this intensive at your own pace. Six weeks is just a suggested structure.

Each week you’ll receive a 20-min technique drill focusing on a specific aspect of drum solo improv, several additional lectures, and weekly improvisation assignments from me and drummer Pedro Bonatto.⁣⁣  

WEEK 1: Mindset & Listening to the Music

WEEK 2: The ‘Rule of 4’ & Variations

WEEK 3: Intro & Finale

WEEK 4: Interpreting Tremolos

WEEK 5: Interaction With a Drummer

WEEK 6: Putting All Together

Additionally, you will feel as if you are travelling to a dance retreat with us, but online! All technique drills in this intensive were shot in Cappadocia (Turkey), an ancient district in East-Central Anatolia, known for its distinctive “fairy chimneys,” tall, cone-shaped rock formations, and mysterious underground cities! We’ll be dancing inside ancient caves, among mountains, at a real Ottoman mansion, and with hot air balloons flying around us.


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