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Chest Isolation


Chest Isolation





Suggested Duration:

3 weeks

Alex Delora & Iana Komarnytska

Alex Delora & Iana Komarnytska

Work on your upper body flexibility & chest isolations together with Iana and guest teacher Alex Delora.

Intensives are guided training programs with a specific theme. Each intensive combines a selection of technique drills, lectures and various assignments to help you develop certain skills. 

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For the first time, I'm sharing a part of MY OWN ACTUAL TRAINING with Alex Delora. I've spent spring of 2021 in the small Ukrainian city of Krivyj Rig, where Alex is from, and visited a bunch of private and group classes with her. The focus of our work during private sessions was chest isolation. At some point of our training I've asked Alex to record one of our individual classes with an overview of the material in English so I could share it with the participants of the club.  Later I've complimented that recording with some additional material, and developed it in a full-length intensive focused on upper body flexibility and chest isolation.

Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced. 

Workload: Medium. 

Suggested duration: 3 weeks.

If you follow our suggested duration of three weeks, get ready to invest 1-1,5 hour per week in your training. But remember, you can always go through this intensive at your own pace. Three weeks is just a suggested structure.

Week 1:⁣⁣

- 10-min introductory lecture.

- 20-min dance tutorial: 'Not-So-Basic'' Basics with Alex. Chest side to side with sharp accents, chest up and down with chest shimmy.

- 20-min dance tutorial: Variations on Chest Moves with Iana. You'll be able to apply learnt technique in a fun combination focused on chest isolation technique, while drilling new skills and developing muscle memory. 

- 20-min dance tutorial: Flexibility in Upper Body with Iana. You'll find here a series of simple but very effective exercises for the ribcage area and upper back muscles.

- Introducing your daily 2-min exercise.

Week 2:⁣⁣

- Your new daily 2-min exercise.

- 20-min dance tutorial: Sliders'& Chest Circles with Alex. We are gonna combine chest movements with steps and hip accents. Additionally, we'll focus on chest circles in various speeds.

- 20-min dance tutorial: Chest-Hips Combo with Iana. Let's put together sharp chest slides and hip locks: single, multiple and with a walk.

- 20-min dance tutorial: Neck & Chest with Iana. We will start with workout for our neck, and then continue with precise chest isolation!

Week 3:⁣⁣

- 20-min dance tutorial: Chest Lifts with Iana. A nice workout for your chest area! We are gonna do an overview of variety of upper body movements, and finish with a nice combo. Special attention will be dedicated to chest lifts during backbend.

- 20-min dance tutorial: Shoulder Accents with Iana. Full body workout: we'll start with undulations trying to work on fluidity and speed, followed by the upper body combo, an exercise for overall body coordination & isolation, and finishing with a nice drilling of our favorite hips shimmy.

- 20-min dance tutorial: Reversed Undulation With Accent with Iana. In this drill we will work on arms, posture, and balance. We'll look in depth on the reversed undulation, and see how we can decorate this movement with a chest accent and shifts in speed.

- 20-min dance tutorial: Upper Body Fluidity with Iana. Let's apply our previous drills for upper body fluidity (chest circles, figure eights) on actual steps that we use in belly dance.

- Putting full combo all together!


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