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A week of recharging and reconnecting with your dance inspiration.

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Join Iana and a community of dancers from around the world in this 7-day journey to reconnect with our dance body, mind and soul.    

It has been a difficult year for the dance community and the world. Many of us lost our spark to dance, and we have been searching for some inspiration to move and shimmy again.  But any change begins from within, in our heart and in our mind. 


This Spring we decided to redesign the Iana Dance Club with new features and reimagine belly dance training online and celebrate our love for dance with you.  

Every day for a week we'll share free fun dance drills, ideas, and assignments designed to inspire and boost your belly dance training. This fresh start is open to everyone and you will find daily suggestions bellow. It's time to begin again. To fall in love again. 


Let's give ourselves the gift of a fresh start.


7-Day Fresh Start
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Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7

Day 1: Look Within

We are here. We live in this moment. We start now. It’s ok that your shimmy isn’t big enough. You’ll work and make it better. It’s ok that you still lose balance on turns. You’ll work and make them better. It’s ok that you are still not an international touring teacher. You’ll work and make it happen. Remember, we all begin in our starting points. And that’s ok. Forgive your imperfections.

Close your eyes, smile to your heart. Say to your inner artist that you love, support and cherish her. Forgive past mistakes, failures or shortcomings. Allow yourself the freedom of a fresh start to enter your mind and body, and ask yourself: ‘’What does success in dance mean to me?’’ Not to your teacher, friend or parent. But to YOU. So often we get discouraged simply because we follow someone’s else path, not ours. Or we get stuck to our old dreams that may not inspire us anymore. But we are stubborn and keep chasing them just because we once decided that that’s what we wanted.


Allow yourself a fresh start. Where would you like to forward your dance journey from now on? What appeals to you the most right now? You don’t need to have answers to all questions, or know exactly how you are gonna do it. Just close your eyes, and ask yourself this question: What would I like to do?