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Welcome to the

Iana Dance Club

Welcome to the Iana Dance Club! I'm so excited to have you join our community! 

Bellow you will find a tour of the site and an overview of all our features.

Let's begin our dance journey together!

Log in

The first thing to do, in case you haven't done so yet, is to login to the members-only area to begin your experience at the club! Once you are logged in you will have access to all our content and begin your training.


Navigate the Members Area

You can access all the members-only features of the Iana Dance Club on the right side of the top menu. This is a quick and easy way for you to go directly to what you are looking for. Bellow you will find a description of each page.


This Week's Training: this is the main landing page for all members where you can find the latest message from Iana, group chat, suggested plan for your weekly training, and information about our current intensive/focus.


Technique Drills: a list of all 20-min tutorials on different aspects of belly dance technique. We add a new technique drill every week to our library of over 90 videos. 

Choreographies: a library of dance routines with detailed explanations. There is a new choreography breakdown every month. 

Intensives: some technique drills are gathered for you according to their focus into self-guided paths for practice. We always have some intensive going on at the club. You can decide to participate while it is happening and use the benefit of the group chat and Iana's feedback, or you can do it later on your own time. All information about the topic (including drills) are inside the Intensives page. 

Courses: full length courses on various topics, with over 60 hours of content. 

I invite you to look around and explore. Whether you have 20 minutes or a few hours for your belly dance practice, you will find a training program that fits your mood and schedule. You can follow along with this week's suggested practice or explore what catches your eye. Remember, each dancer's journey is unique, and I recommend that you choose a practice that excites you to start shimmying :)  

Bellow, you will find more detailed overview of each of our features!


New to Belly Dance? Start Here.

If you are completely new to belly dance, I invite you to start your shimmy adventures by taking a look at our beginners guide. 


Weekly Messages 

Every week I bring a new message in a blog post. You can find it on the main Member's Area page. Sometimes those videos are motivational, or with an announcement, but sometimes they contain a "mini-assignment" for the week as a part of an ongoing intensive where you can interact with a community of like-minded dancers from all over the world and share the love for oriental dance.

If you are joining the club in the middle of an on-going intensive, you can either choose to catch up with our current focus, or wait till the next one.


Suggested Training for This Week

Every week, I also bring you a new 20-min technique drill and feature two other complimentary drills from our library, as well as a review section with a breakdown of the basics. 


Technique Drills

You can create your own weekly training program at the Iana Dance Club. Explore our library of fun 20-min drills focusing on different techniques in belly dance, from shimmies to graceful arms and much more. New drills come out every week. Choose, mix and repeat any of the 90+ drills to fit your goals and dance mood.


Drills are numbered for the convenience of our communication, but there is no need to do them in order.You can select drills according to their topics and tags. In order to see available tags, press on the Search bar on the Technique Drills page. Note that there is a special tag called "theory", which means that those tutorials explain theory aspect more detailed.



Follow immersive guided training on specific topics in belly dance, including dance practice, lectures and fun assignments to bring your skills to a new level. In case you couldn't participate in some of the intensives while they were happening "live", don't worry. You won't miss any important information because all intensives are later grouped in the Intensives section.

The interactive part is available only for the on-going (current) intensive, but you can still check all previous topics on your own.



Express your love for dance with beautiful choreographies created by Iana in a variety of styles, from belly dance, drum solos, mejances, folklore and more. There are new choreographies every month. You can search choreographies according to their level of difficulty using tags: 'all levels' or 'advanced level'. 



Dig deep with full length courses on different aspects of belly dance with our courses. If you are a beginners, we have a 17+ hour complete beginners course. You can also explore rhythms, business, as well as Persian Classical dance and Turkish Romani dancing. 

Stay in touch

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Have any questions? Click on the chat button on the bottom right of any page and send us your message. You can also check out our comprehensive FAQ section or send an email on our Contact page.


*Not all exercises presented here are suitable for everyone and are in no way a substitute for medical counseling. Consult a physician before starting any exercise program. Discontinue exercise immediately if you experience pain or discomfort. A user of this program assumes the risk of possible injury and the creators, producers and distributors of this program disclaim any liabilities in connection with the exercise program and advice herein.

Full Terms & Conditions of the Iana Dance Cub membership are available HERE.

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