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Keeping Yourself Accountable


Occupation: Redaction specialist

Country: USA

Started Learning Belly Dance: 8 years ago

Joined the Iana Dance Club: January 2021

Belly Dance Transformations

"I needed to exercise, but I couldn’t make myself going to gym on a regular basis. Dance on contrary is just something that is fun. Every time there is music on, I feel that I have to move."

"I’m naturally a very clumsy person, I’m usually covered in bruises because I keep bumping into things, so me being able to coordinate all these different movements together is a victory."

"I never thought I would be able to learn a choreography over just one month, because I have terrible memory. I’m so proud of myself now."

"When you learn a choreography, it’s nice to share it with the audience, but I’ve determined that it’s not something that I NEED in order to be happy."

"I’m enjoying just how I improve my movements, exploring the ability to learn things that I thought were too hard for me."

I am mother to 1 adult child and about to turn 50 years old. I work as a redaction specialist for my state government.

I began taking belly dance in 2015 to make friends and to have a fun way to get exercise into my life. In the beginning I insisted I would never perform but in Spring of 2017 I began performing at community events with my former troupe. I performed my first solo in Spring of the next year. I have since performed for shows in swanky hole in the wall bars and art galleries. I have even modeled for Shiny Squirel Belly Dance Clothing Brand! But most of my experience is with a troupe at Renaissance Faires.

I recently parted ways with my troupe and am currently focusing on my health and determining what brings me joy in dancing and where I will let it take mw in the future.

Reasons she chose to join the Iana Dance Club:

- “I react so well to the assignments idea, so intensives really click with me!”

- Amazing variety of content, and regular updates.

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