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Tita Llerandi

You Never Know Who You May Possibly Inspire
Tita Llerandi

Occupation: English teacher for babies (1,5 - 3 years old)

Country: Mexico

Started Learning Belly Dance: 13 years ago

Joined the Iana Dance Club: October 2021

Belly Dance Transformations


  • My body was stuck doing nothing my whole life. I had to learn to move every muscle, especially my hips.

  • It’s difficult to follow the choreo with ‘rights’ and ‘lefts’.

  • Finding my flow was very difficult. I’m good with capturing all accents in my mind, but my body isn’t, lol.


  • Belly dance helped me to exercise consistently.

  • It also inspired me to take care and move my body even more diving into other disciplines.

  • My self-confidence improved. I found that I am beautiful.

‘These days I found a new way of enjoying dance. I’m not dancing for someone, but I’m dancing for myself.’

"Two girls started dancing because they saw my very first performance. That was so inspiring. Since then I think: Ok, I’m not perfect, but I CAN do it!"

Bellydancing has given me joyful moments since 2009. I know, twelve years trying to do shimmies, belly rolls, undulations, and they just don't come out well done! That's me!

I was 45 when I had my very first experience with dance ever. Since then, I have studied with several teachers from my city and at international workshops, without a pause.

I live in Cancun, happily married to an Italian man. He and my 22 years old son have always followed me through my dancing presentations, taking pictures and videos, encouraging me. I work at a Montessori school and I love to dance for the children, with veils and wings; by the way, I also like to dye silk and then, dance!

The first time I put a step in a scenario doing a solo it was with double veil, pretending to be Maleficent, I chose Yearning and did my own choreography.
The pandemic took me to dance at home with several online teachers. I was depressed. One day I found Iana because I wanted to try Romani style, something different, and here I am, living new experiences!

Sometimes I miss my peers, the big mirror, the studio, the presentations, but then I realize that I'm ok doing what I want without following someone else. I like a song, I prepare my stuff and take a video and share it with my friends through social media, they used to clap at the theater now they give me a like, and if not, I don't care, I just feel that I'm doing what makes me feel happy. At 57 I know my body limits, I follow my heart, and that's ok.

Reasons she chose to join the Iana Dance Club:

"I was searching for classes on Turkish Romani dancing, and that’s how I found the Iana Dance Club."

"It’s more difficult to work at home than going to studio, but now I am practicing every day."

"Club is structured in a way that I can easily choose and mix what I want to practice. And the variety of content is just wow."

"This is the most complete platform I’ve ever seen."

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