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Dancing at Home Parties vs Taking Dance Classes

Occupation: Engineer

Country: Morocco/France

Started Learning Belly Dance: 2 years ago in terms of dance classes

Joined the Iana Dance Club: August 2022

Belly Dance Transformations

"Coming to a different country, living alone, it was a little bit hard in the beginning. But having a music in my headphones and dancing was really helpful to me."

"Dancing at home parties is just 3-4 moves, and you keep repeating them. It’s more about having fun. But what we do in a dance class is more creative, elegant, graceful. There is more variety and complexity."

"Growing up I was kinda rejecting myself as a woman. Belly dance helped me to accepted my feminine part, and to say that it’s not something bad. It’s actually something to celebrate and to share."

‘’Spiritual element of dance is very important.’’

"Performance is a kind of celebration of your practice efforts."

My name is Soukaina and I am Moroccan and French and I currently live in Paris. Dancing has always been my passion but I have never been consistent with it, I took contemporary classes, salsa and Afro dance before and I started belly dance in 2021 and I fell in love. I didn't expect to rediscover this dance (even though I knew it before) in all its variety and complexity + the most amazing part is the community of passionate dancers from all over the world.

Reasons she chose to join the Iana Dance Club:

“I’ve met one member of the club, and saw her performance. I asked where she learnt the choreo she was performing, and she said it was from the Iana Dance Club. She was taking online classes, and she recommended me to join the club.”

“First I joined for a summer, because that’s when we have a break at my local studio. But then I really liked choreographies in the library. I originally planned to join for only three months, but now I’ve paid for the annual membership. This training fits into my schedule so nicely.”

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