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Sinda Sandra

Finding Time Slots to Dance
Sinda Sandra

Occupation: Tourism Industry

Country: France

Started Learning Belly Dance: 11 years ago

Joined the Iana Dance Club: December 2019

Belly Dance Transformations

Before: thought that belly dance was not for someone like her, felt very shy.

Now: dreaming to come back to Egypt, and this time to dance on stage!

Before: was afraid that she didn’t have time for such activity.

Now: successfully finds time pockets to practice on a daily basis, believes that when you have hobby that you like very much, you always find time to work on it.

‘My day begins better with a dance routine. I prefer to wake up 10 minutes earlier, but I feel much better after doing my morning dance routine.’

"It’s my choice! Nobody tells me that I have to dance. But I’m feeling joy when I dance."

Hello, My name is Sandra and I am a French Bellydance student. I discovered Bellydance 10 years ago during holidays in Turkey. I literally fell in love and I took a class as soon as I came back to France. Technique was, and still is, hard but I take so much pleasure dancing...
Throughout the years, bellydance brought me more confidence, many friends all around the world and the possibility to live old dreams like to visit Egypt...
I try to train a little everyday, even for just a few minutes : some hip exercises or shimmies, a complete drill from the Iana Dance Club, or only dancing to a song I love for fun and improvising...
My goal is to motivate each one to follow their passion (dance or otherwise) and to show that Bellydance is a really beautiful art!

Reasons she chose to join the Iana Dance Club:
- variety of content
- regular updates
- community of belly dance students: possibility to talk and motivate each other
- easiness to navigate the platform
- possibility to do her own program choosing which videos to work on
- felt like it was exactly that she was looking for

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