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In-person Vs Online Classes


Occupation: Social Media Manager

Country: USA

Started Learning Belly Dance: 13 years ago

Joined the Iana Dance Club: December 2019

Belly Dance Transformations

Before: I’m so used to being in the studio, and having a teacher whom I can see, so starting to dance at home as my studio was very challenging. It was hard to stay focus. I had very limited space at home. Also, not having a full-length mirror kinda discouraged me since I didn’t have an immediate feedback. 

Now: It took me 4-5 months of online learning to get the groove, but it got so much easier. I had to constantly remind myself that video recording was not about perfection, but just a tool instead of a mirror to see where I can improve. Benefits of video recording is that camera evokes a performance mood in you.

Before: The hardest part of training by yourself is coming up with a curriculum.

Now: That’s why I’m heavily relying on the Iana Dance Club for that. I’m using it to challenge myself, and to make sure that I’m getting a well-rounded training on a weekly basis.

'I feel that I will dance when I’m 100 years old, and I still will be able to learn something new, and still be excited about it.'

"Belly dance “took me” as I was, and gave me the tools to be more confident and brave, and to learn that I can move my body and dance without having to have started when I was one or two years old. You can start whenever you want because it feel like a form of self-expression."

Prianca is based in Orlando, Florida, where she works in Social Media Management for a fashion designer. She has been studying MENAHT dances since she was 16 years old and spent 2 years training in Tribal Fusion Bellydance with Irina Akulenko in NYC. While in NYC she also studied Fusion Bellydance & ATS with Despina Dance.

Currently, Prianca is continuing to train on her own and has added traditional Bellydance studies with Iana Komarnytska through the Iana Dance Club. When she is not dancing or working, Prianca loves to create avant-garde & editorial makeup looks for her social media.

Reasons she chose to join the Iana Dance Club:

- “Sometimes it’s difficult to guide yourself, so it’s cool to have suggestions, but the Iana Dance Club is like a toolbox. You can choose whatever you want/need at the moment.”

- “I also review a lot of basics with the A to Z course.”

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