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Pratima Nagaraj

Making Self-Care Your Priority
Pratima Nagaraj

Occupation: Health and life coach

Country: Singapore / India

Started Learning Belly Dance: 6 years ago

Joined the Iana Dance Club: June 2020

Belly Dance Transformations

Before: I used to have lots of judgements about my body, and I used to be very insecure person.

I thought I could never dance because I had two left feet.

Now: I didn’t realize first that belly dance would boost my confidence.

Being ok with all my imperfections became easier.

It took away judgements and brought confidence in my body.

Gave me confidence that I CAN dance!

It made me feel sensual.

I see the difference in my mood when I don’t dance for week or two.

‘For me dance is not just a hobby, but it helps me to stay healthy, and more than anything, it makes me really happy!’

"Belly dance is a form of doing something purely for myself. Why not to prioritize something that makes you happy?"

Pratima is a best selling author, health & mindset coach and a belly dancer by passion. She is certified in clinical hypnotherapy, energy healing and mindfulness and offers personal coaching for women in health & nutrition.

Pratima started belly dancing in 2017 and has performed at various haflas as well as with Bellydance Extraordinaire's troupe at Miss World Singapore 2019.

She says - "Belly dancing boosted my self-esteem, confidence & body image & helped me tap into the feminine energy within. It's an integral part of my life - a sacred space of healing & expression, connecting me to deeper parts of myself. I don't dance just for the audience but for myself - for the joy of it & to celebrate being a woman".

Belly dancing is her favorite way to stay fit, healthy and strong from the inside out.

Check her health coaching activities here:

Reasons she chose to join the Iana Dance Club:

"I used to struggle with what to do during my self-practice, but the Iana Dance Club provides me a plan and schedule that I can follow"

"Also, Iana often surprises us with so much more than we expect."

"It's a goldmine resource for all dancers!"

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