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Lina Marie

Accepting Your Own Pace

Lina Marie

Occupation: Health care worker

Country: Canada

Started Learning Belly Dance: 6 years ago

Joined the Iana Dance Club: December 2019

Belly Dance Transformations

‘’I feel that I’m growing, and it’s wonderful to be 59 and still experience the growth in your body."

"I started doing belly dance to help with my cognition, to feel more feminine on my body. I’m learning to be not just a worker, but to have individuality and to express myself."

"My training is changing with my body. Some days I just sit and watch videos, or listen to the music and mark moves in my head."

"I’m happy if dance just belongs to me [without showing it to anyone else]. But I like sharing and bringing joy to people too."

"What keeps people away from even trying to attend the class is that fear of feeling lost."

I currently work as a health professional who uses activity to include and care for individuals living with dementia.
Of all the activities I share, I enjoy movement and rhythmic programs the most. I embrace the belief that they are a fundamental need for everyone. I find that whether we experience dance as a group, as a personal practice or take part as an audience observer, there is always a good outcome.
Since my roots grow here in a multicultural community, I've had wonderful opportunities to participate and learn and yes, clean up after many events over the years I can honestly say that I never cease to be thrilled at being part of dance and movement experience.

Reasons she chose to join the Iana Dance Club:

"I found the Iana Dance Club after one Instagram challenge, and I was hooked."

"I enjoy the structure and organization of the club."

"I can put on the class anytime of the day or night!"

"This club also provides social experience through the online learning."

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