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Aiming For Perfection

Occupation: Professional belly dancer

Country: Bulgaria

Started Learning Belly Dance: 14 years ago

Joined the Iana Dance Club: July 2020

Belly Dance Transformations

"I’m battling perfectionism constantly."

"In my mind ‘professional’ means ‘perfect’ which is not true."

"I have several performances and competitions that I skipped because I though I wasn’t ready, that they would not be perfect. It’s a constant battle."

"Sometimes when you want it to be perfect, you do nothing, because you are afraid it won’t be perfect."

"I don’t even know what is ‘perfect’. That’s the irony of it."

"Now I’m trying to practice smarter rather than harder."

"Belly dance gives the freedom to express my feelings. It gives me storytelling techniques with the body." _Lilia

Professional dance performer and teacher of oriental dance & fusion belly dance. Constantly learning and evolving.

Dance has always been my artistic and emotional outlet - I tried different styles over the years but the freedom of expression of fusion belly dance and the emotional richness of oriental dances are unmatched.

Currently, I am based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I teach as part of Sarab Oriental Dance Group and I am also a full-time performer in Boriana Dance & Entertainment.

You can find Lilia’s articles about belly dance at .

Reasons she chose to join the Iana Dance Club:

- I love training with videos online.
- 20-min format is great!
- Classes are available anytime of the day and night.
- I have the ability to focus on one topic at a time.

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