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Building Self-Confidence With Belly Dance

Occupation: Tutor of English

Country: Hong Kong

Started Learning Belly Dance: 4 years ago consistently (with some previous experience before)

Joined the Iana Dance Club: October 2021

Belly Dance Transformations

‘’Belly dance can build our self-confidence. For example, you have to look at a mirror, you have to look at yourself and your movements. You try to appreciate your image in front of a mirror.

I remember at first I did not look often at a mirror when I was a beginner. But now I’m already used to even uploading videos on social media. I’m not as shy as I was before. I'm now braver in front of mirrors and cameras.’’

"Belly dance became part of my life, part of my self-expression and my identity. Now my friends always send me some belly dance videos."

‘’We try to appreciate our feminine side through belly dance. It’s different from other sports, for instance, playing a badminton.’’

"I wanted to release stress tension through the sports and particularly dance."

I am from Hong Kong. I started to learn belly dancing since I was 29 years old. I learnt for about 1 year and then I picked up belly dancing in 2018 again. I am a self-employed tutor in Hong Kong.

Reasons she chose to join the Iana Dance Club:
"I joined during the pandemic time, and I found lots of things to learn. I was really excited when I first joined the Iana Dance Club. There are so many courses and choreographies. That’s why I was very happy to join even despite I had an in-person teacher.

I can even learn from the guest teachers different styles. And I also like a very supportive online community."

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