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Basics of Ghawazee With Khariya Maazin

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Difficulty: All Levels. Workload: Light. Suggested duration: 4 weeks. If you follow our suggested duration of four weeks, get ready to invest about 1 hour per week in your training. But remember, you can always go through this intensive on your own paste. Four weeks is just a suggested structure. This intensive will take you on a journey to Luxor in Egypt, a home place of famous ghawazee style dancer Khariya Maazin. Khariya is the last dancer from Maazin family who is still teaching classes, and spreading knowledge about the dance tradition of her family. You will find here a couple of tutorials with me on the basic ghawazee steps, as well as introduction to zills, and how to do basic dance steps while accompany yourself with zills. All these will be leading towards the actual class with Khariya. And for you to understand that her way of teaching is one of the most traditional ways in Egyptian culture: you learn by observing. There is no breakdown of steps, or any explanations, or dance combos. She just dances and you are trying to follow her, and it’s a truly beautiful experience with its own unique magic. So to prepare you for this, you first will have a few tutorials with me explaining the basic moves, and then you’ll be ready to enjoy the class with Khariya, also observing interactions between me and her during our improvised dancing.

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