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Dance Habits

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Difficulty: All Levels Workload: Medium. Suggested duration: 3 weeks. If you follow our suggested duration of three weeks, get ready to invest 1-2 hour per week in your training. But remember, you can always go through this intensive at your own pace. Three weeks is just a suggested structure. We all want to improve our dance skills, but often feel lost about where to start. We focus on techniques and dance moves, but overlook the importance of our dance habits. This three-week program, the Dance Habits intense, addresses both areas: - The first week focuses on analyzing your current skills and habits to identify what needs improvement. - The second week teaches self-coaching and mentorship skills to help you identify and improve your mistakes. - The third week encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and seek new experiences to grow as a well-rounded dancer. Throughout the program, you'll create a personalized training plan and take gradual actions to boost your dance skills and habits. The Dance Habits intensive includes practical dance classes, lectures, quizzes, assignments, and meditations to help you overcome obstacles and elevate your dancing. Good luck on your journey to dance success!

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