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Identifying Rhythms

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Difficulty: All levels Workload: High Suggested duration: 8 weeks If you follow our suggested duration of eight weeks, get ready to invest 2-4 hours per week in your training. But remember, you can always go through this intensive at your own pace. Eight weeks is just a suggested structure. You can learn rhythms easily: find information on the Internet and memorize the basic structures. But does it guarantee that you actually understand rhythms? That you are able to recognize them in songs, and know what to do with each of them? This intensive focuses on helping you identify rhythms and build your confidence around the most important belly dance beats! It includes dance tutorials to get the beats in your body, writing exercises to memorize rhythms, lectures and articles to understand them, drumming quizzes to check yourself, song breakdowns to develop your listening skills, and other creative assignments to help you conquer this task. The intensive is taught by Iana and drummer Pedro Bonatto, who accompanies all classes and provides additional lectures about music theory and song breakdowns. Week 1 - 10-min introductory lecture⁣⁣ - Two dance tutorials (20 min each) on Maqsum, Saidi, Masmudi Saghir and Masmudi Kabir⁣⁣ -Weekly writing exercise - Article about time signature Week 2 - 40-min lecture about drum sounds and mindset of learning rhythms - One dance tutorial on Wahda and Malfuf⁣⁣ (20 min) - Drumming Quiz #1⁣ - Listening assignment ...

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