The idea behind the Iana Dance Club is to allow you not only to work on your dance technique, but also boost ACCOUNTABILITY and MOTIVATION, which are the main struggles in an online training.

Iana Dance Club is a way for you to:⠀

  • train on a WEEKLY basis - every week you’ll receive a new 20-min drill on belly dance technique, plus access to all previous drills (50+ tutorials)⠀

  • follow a detailed breakdown of choreographies - every month there will be a new style (belly dance or folklore)⠀

  • receive an INDIVIDUAL feedback for your dancing - you send Iana your video, and get recommendations from her⠀

  • follow suggested weekly plan for your training - which takes your headache and frustration away on how to approach your own practice ⠀

  • stay motivated to practice on a regular basis - every month we will run different mini-intensives that will make your practice fun and engaging. Your only competitor will be your own laziness, and your motivation will be our community and special bonuses from Iana ⠀

  • connect with other likeminded dancers - there is a whole community member’s zone with different discussions, ways to reach out, and find new friends!⠀

And this is just a small snippet of what we have at the Iana Dance Club!


Dance anywhere, anytime

✅ Set up your own schedule

✅ Learn even if there are no classes in your city

✅ Save time from traffic

✅ Replay classes as many times as you need

✅ Save money

✅ Enjoy dance classes even if you are shy to practice in the group

✅ Great addition to your regular classes!



Dancer, Instructor, Founder

Iana Komarnytska is a professional dancer, and passionate content creator helping other dancer to navigate their dance lives. Since 2018 she has been hosting the Belly Dance Life Podcast, featuring weekly interviews with professional dancers from all over the world, as well as the ASKianaDANCE show where she answers dancers’ questions.


Iana is also a graduate from the professional dance program at York University (Canada), author of numerous articles about historical connections between belly dance, ballet and modern dance styles, and winner of Cairo by Cyprus 2015, Star Bellydancer Canada 2014 Competition, Spark Dance Competition (Canada, 2012), and Belly Dance Festival Bastet (Ukraine, 2009) among other awards. Along with belly dance, she performs and teaches Persian Classical and Turkish Romani dancing. Iana is the first choreographer who started using Triple Isis wings, and since 2012 it is one of her style signatures.





A Tour of the Members Area

In this video, Iana takes you on a little tour of the features of the Iana Dance Club and what you will find inside when you become a member.

Take a look at some of the latest updates you will find inside the members area when you join our world-wide dance community. 

New Weekly Technique Drills

Join Iana every week for a new 20-min drill focusing on different aspects of belly dance technique, and explore our library of 50+ tutorials.


Technique Drill 27: Golden Era Turn with Hips

Getting some inspiration from the Golden Era style and transforming regular turn with hips into a stylish movement! 


Technique Drill 28: Feeling Grounded

Today's task: work on balance and groundness, nice juicy hip stretch and vibration shimmy!


Technique Drill 29: "Flamenco" Turn

Let's add some advanced elements to the basic cross-turn such as leg flip and arms.

Suggested Schedule for Your Weekly Training

Follow our weekly schedule for training so you know exactly what to practice at home or at the studio. Sync with your personal calendar, and adjust days/time according to your own schedule and join other dancers on your practice.

Training Tips & Fun Intensives 

Every week Iana brings a new message with training tips and fun intensives where you can interact with a community of like-minded dancers from all over the world and share the love for oriental dance.

New Monthly Choreographies

Learn new choreographies from Iana, where she breaks down every move step-by-step on new, classic, and folkloric songs.  

Special Courses

Special Courses are projects created independently of the Iana Dance Club. 

As a member of the Full and VIP plans you have access to these courses while you maintain your membership active.

Individual Feedback

Get individual feedback on your dancing from Iana!



Membership Plan

If you are looking for more consistent dance training in your life, this option is ideal for you!


(per month)

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Membership Plan

This plan offers you a full access to all content, including special courses and choreographies.


(per month)



Membership Plan

Get maximum benefit of your training at the club with the individual feedback from Iana!


(per month)

I’m really grateful to practice belly dance here with everyone and learn from our great teacher Iana. I feel lucky finding this platform, and I felt that my belly dance skills got improved a lot since I joined this club.

It works great for me to practice by following the drills. I normally practice three times every week, and two drills each time. I just finished practicing all the posted drills so far, and I’m about to start adding choreographies into my weekly practice.

The most valuable aspect of this platform for me is that I got to find an amazing belly dance teacher and constantly practice with her. I feel like I’m engaged in class every time when I practice the drills.

I couldn’t find a good belly dance studio where I live, and this is the only good belly dance classes I could find online, so this platform is extremely important to me. I really appreciate that Iana made my passion for belly dance keep going.

— Jasmine H.

My name is Karina, I have been at the Iana Dance club for about 3 months and I can say that I am very happy that I joined :) 

      First, Iana’s 20-minute video method is great for overcoming my laziness on those difficult-to-get-motivated days, but she also has plenty of intensives and choreographies to work on. 

     Second, I am amazed at how many new moves and exercises I have been learning with it. 

     Third, she is very informative and I love how she recognizes the advice of other very good dancers and teachers to give us more information in order to make you grow as a dancer.

I have to add that being in the club has helped me to maintain active in my training to keep positive. 

     Dance is definitely a therapy and I highly recommend this club that is full of supportive women and an amazing teacher.

— Karina P.

I've started dancing just a few years ago. My teacher left town after a few months, so I've started to educate myself, knowing technique is very important, but nearly unreachable if no one tells you! That's why I'm so happy with your school. I really like your drills. Often small tips give me the feeling to improve a little bit (that “ahaaa!” effect =))

Additionally, and I hope you'll take this as a compliment, I'm so tired of Western teaching styles. Always hearing it's good, even if it isn't, 'cause they want to be nice to everyone.  Eastern teaching styles are more effective. They tell you honestly what's wrong, even if it hurts, but it helps more. You give us both. A schedule, projects, but even the freedom of choice. I adore your perfect mixture of drilling us and being nice at the same time!    

And there wasn't one single week that I thought was boring. You are so full of ideas, it seems to me that you really live your dream. Furthermore I like the atmosphere in the chat, so many nice people from around the world. I recommend you everywhere!

— Susannka K.

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