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The Iana Dance Club was created to help you navigate your dance life. Whether you are a dance enthusiast or dream about a professional career, you will find a training program to help you achieve your goals and nurture your dance soul.


Whether you have 20 minutes or a few hours for your belly dance practice, you will find a training program that fits your mood and schedule.

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Meet Your Instructor


Iana Komarnytska

Dancer, Instructor, Founder

Iana Komarnytska is a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer, and passionate content creator helping dancers navigate their dance lives.


She is a graduate from the professional dance program at York University (Canada), host of the Belly Dance Life podcast, author of numerous articles, and winner of Star Bellydancer Canada 2014 among other international competitions. 


Along with belly dance, Iana performs and teaches Persian Classical and Turkish Romani dancing. She is the first choreographer to start using Triple Isis wings, and since 2012 this is one of her style signatures.

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Even though we are all in different time zones, dance levels and training schedules, we all share this dance journey together. What makes the Iana Dance Club special is our online community of likeminded dancers from all over the world who provide encouragement, support, accountability and motivation for each other.

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