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Welcome to the Iana Dance Club! I'm so excited to have you join our community!

The first thing to do, in case you haven't done so yet, login to the members-only area to begin your experience at the club! 

Bellow you will find a tour of the site and an overview of all the features you will find.

Let's begin our dance journey together!

Take a tour of the Members Area

In this video, Iana takes you on a little tour of the features of the Iana Dance Club and what you will find inside when you become a member.

New Weekly Technique Drills

Join Iana and guest teachers every week for a new 20-min focusing on different aspects of belly dance and folklore styles and explore our library of 30+ classes.


December 29, 2020

Technique Drill 27: Golden Era Turn with Hips

Getting some inspiration from the Golden Era style and transforming regular turn with hips into a stylish movement! 


January 05, 2020

Technique Drill 28: Feeling Grounded

Today's task: work on balance and groundness, nice juicy hip stretch and vibration shimmy!


January 12, 2020

Technique Drill 29: "Flamenco" Turn

Let's add some advanced elements to the basic cross-turn such as leg flip and arms.

Suggested Schedule for Your Weekly Training

Follow our weekly schedule for training so you know exactly what to practice at home or at the studio. Sync with your personal calendar, and adjust days/time according to your own schedule and join other dancers on your practice.

New Monthly Choreographies

Learn new choreographies from Iana, where she breaks down every move step-by-step on new, classic, and folkloric songs.  

Training Tips & Fun Challenges 

Every week Iana brings a new message with training tips and fun challenges where you can interact with a community of like-minded dancers from all over the world and share the love for oriental dance.

Full Online Courses

Take a deep dive on different subjects in belly dance in full courses available for members.


Individual Feedback

Get individual feedback on your dancing from Iana!

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