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Fluid Arms


Fluid Arms


All levels.



Suggested Duration:

4 weeks

Iana Komarnytska

Iana Komarnytska

Drills, combos and daily exercises to improve your arm movements!

Intensives are guided training programs with a specific theme. Each intensive combines a selection of technique drills, lectures and various assignments to help you develop certain skills. 

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Belly dance is much more than just shimmy. :) I bet you have already discovered how essential the graceful arms are for this style of dance.

As belly dancers we often hear: ‘’Your arms start from your back’’, ‘’ Finish the arm movement with the tips of your fingers!..’’ - Ok, but what exactly does it mean? How exactly should I feel it in my body? This intensive is designed to help you answer these questions and bring awareness to your arm movements.

Difficulty: All levels

Workload: Medium

Suggested duration: 4 weeks

If you follow our suggested duration of four weeks, get ready to invest 1-2 hours per week in your training. But remember, you can always go through this intensive at your own pace. Four weeks is just a suggested structure.

This intensive consists of two major parts:

1. Short daily exercises for fingers, shoulders and back (2-10 mins daily)

2. Three 20-min technique drills per week with combos and drills to work on your arms.


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