Videos of different Roman dances

Kindly provided by Alexander Markovic to compliment his interview for the Belly Dance Life Podcast, episode 119.

Roma from Macedonia, dancing čoček (line dance form) to zurla and tapan music:

Roma from Kumanovo, Macedonia: wedding celebration, dancing čoček (line dancing with some solo dance):

Roma from Bujanovac, south Serbia: dancing čoček (line and solo style) at wedding celebration, to amplified (newer-style) wedding music:

Roma from Vranje, south Serbia: wedding celebration with brass band (multiple dances, in order: groom’s mother’s ritual dance in 7/8, solo čoček by groom’s mother, čoček in 9/8, followed by other local Romani slow line dances):

Kosovo Romani family celebrations, women's solo čoček dance to frame drums and singing:

Turkish (Thracian) Roman dance at wedding celebration, solo in 9/8 (women):

Turkish (Thracian) Roman dance at wedding 

celebration,  solo dance in 9/8- man and woman pair (shows gendered styling):

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